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Although it's the second-smallest continent, Europe offers so many diverse cultures that it has long been a popular tourist destination. There is so much to see and do that travelers may not know where to visit, which makes a European package such an attractive option. Travel companies can put together an itinerary of top European destinations, and they can even book an inclusive European trip. These European packages can be group or solo excursions, perfect for people who want to socialize or those who prefer to explore on their own.

These trips can be geared toward any interest, whether visitors want to shop in Paris, eat their way across Italy, sip whisky and play golf in Scotland, or visit the castles in England. Sunbathing, historical sightseeing, nature outings, sporting events, musical experiences ... whatever you want, you're certain to find it in Europe.

There are so many European destinations that it would be impossible to cover everything in only one trip, but you can either visit several different locations to get an overall view of the culture, or you can spend more time visiting a particular area in depth. Either way, if you choose an inclusive European vacation, all your expenses will be covered in the booking price, so you won't have to worry about additional lodging, transportation, or meal costs. You'll still want to bring money for souvenirs, of course!

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